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Learn how the Expander Switch makes the Looptimus pedal even better.

Expression Mode

Use the Expander Switch to send CC messages based on expression pedal input.

G/H/I Mode

With the Expander Switch, add additional buttons to each song bank on the Looptimus. In Looptimus’ Pad Mode, use the Expander Switch to change octaves within the programmed key.

Standalone Note Mode

Expander Switch adds buttons that trigger the same note on any bank within Looptimus’ Note and Program Change Modes.

Program Change Mode

In Program Change Mode, the Expander Switch adds additional buttons which trigger the same program change + note combination on any bank.


Mode Control

Mode Control allows the Expander Switch to quickly change between Looptimus’ Default, Pad, and Program Change modes.

MIDI Channel Control

By utilizing the Expander Switch, you can more easily change MIDI channels for the current mode.

Expander Switch FAQs

Will the Expander Switch work with a single jack Looptimus pedal?

Yes. With a firmware update, you will be able to choose whether your jack is used for an Expression Pedal or for the Expander Switch. Check out the “Expression Mode” video above for an overview!

Can I assign a global play button to the Expander Switch?

Absoutely! You can use the two Expander Switch buttons to be any standalone MIDI note in your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Check out the “Standalone Note Mode” video above!

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