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LOOPTIMUS mini is compact in size and ready to trigger your music software on a mobile device or computer

A Simple and Compact Controller

LOOPTIMUS mini is a simple, yet powerful way to control your music software. Use LOOPTIMUS mini with Ableton Live, PRIME, or any other MIDI capable application. Connect LOOPTIMUS mini to your computer or mobile device using a USB cable. It will automatically be recognized and powered by your device. LOOPTIMUS mini has 3 buttons that send 6 MIDI Notes, Program Changes or Control Changes to control your music software. Use LOOPTIMUS mini to Start, Stop and Advance to the next song, or any other customizeable combination. Connect an expression pedal to control volume and other effects.

LOOPTIMUS mini has 3 modes:

  1. Note Mode
  2. Control Change Mode
  3. Program Change Mode.

Bus Powered

LOOPTIMUS mini is automatically bus powered by your mobile device or computer via USB

Send 6 MIDI Messages

Press quickly to send the first set of 3 MIDI messages. Press and hold each button for 2 seconds to send another MIDI message.


Expression Jack

Use an expression pedal to control volume and other effects in your music software

Plug and Play

No additional drivers or software needed. Simply plug it into your device and rock n roll

Expand Your Looptimus Controller

LOOPTIMUS mini can also be used to expand the capabilities of your LOOPTIMUS controller. Once they are connected, LOOPTIMUS mini adds 3 additional buttons per bank, 3 more standalone buttons, or can be used to quickly switch between LOOPTIMUS modes. Whether you’re using LOOPTIMUS mini on its own, or together with LOOPTIMUS, the possibilities at your feet are endless.

3 More Buttons Per Bank

Add 3 more buttons to each song bank on the LOOPTIMUS controller

3 Standalone Buttons

Add 3 more standalone buttons to your LOOPTIMUS controller. Use them for Stop, Play, Tap, Record, etc.


Change Looptimus Modes

Quickly switch between modes on your LOOPTIMUS with a quick tap on your LOOPTIMUS mini.

3 Program Changes

Use LOOPTIMUS mini to send 3 additional program changes to your music software and devices

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Use Looptimus With Ableton Live?

There are so many ways to use Looptimus. One of the main ways people use it is by assigning button 1A to Song 1 in their setlist, 1B to Song 2, etc. You can also break up your songs into sections and use a bank for each song. Song 1 is Bank 1. Intro is A, Verse is B, Chorus is C, etc. Get creative and make it work for how YOU perform.

What Kind Of Expression Pedal Should I Use?

Most expression pedals should work with Looptimus, however, we recommend pedals that are stereo TRS, 10k. Our favorites are the Roland EV-5 or the M-Audio EXP. The expression pedal functions as a control change parameter in your MIDI application. NOTE: Looptimus does NOT work with Volume pedals... only MIDI expression pedals (yes, there is a difference.)

Should I Use MIDI or USB?

The beauty of Looptimus is that you can use both at the same time or just the one you prefer! The same messages and commands are sent out both jacks simultaneously. This allows you to control multiple devices!

Ableton Isn't Assigning MIDI With Looptimus

Under Ableton Live preferences, select the MIDI tab. Next to ‘Looptimus’, make sure the ‘Remote’ switch is turned ON. If you’re using Looptimus to play pads, make sure the ‘Track’ switch is turned on as well.

How Does Looptimus Work With PRIME?

Besides perfectly? Well… Simply plug in Looptimus using an Apple Camera Connector Kit. Button 1A will start song 1, button 1B will start song 2, etc. The STOP button will stop all audio. In All Access Mode, buttons A and D will change the tempo while buttons B and E will change the key of the selected track. You can also map any button to control different functions in PRIME.

What Are The Dimensions Of The Looptimus?

Looptimus is designed to work well with musicians in a live setting whether you’re a guitar player that wants a familiar pedal-feel for a loop rig, a keyboard player that can mount it to their stand, or a drummer who places it right next to the high-hat pedal. Looptimus is perfect for any aspect of stage music.

Dimensions: 8.5″ x 5″ x 1.5″

Weight: 2.5 lbs.

LOOPTIMUS mini is Now Available!