Looptimus Expander Switch


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Product Description

The Expander Switch is a great addition to the Looptimus MIDI foot controller, giving the worship leader or band member even more versatility and freedom in their sets. The Expander Switch brings five new modes to the Looptimus, ranging from fast MIDI channel changes to extra MIDI notes per song bank. With the Expander Switch, never run out of room and creativity for live worship and performance.

The expander switch adds even more functionality to your current pedal and works flawlessly with all versions of Looptimus. The expander switch takes your Looptimus to another level.

How the Expander Switch Can Enhance Your Looptimus:

  • Add 2 more buttons to each bank
  • Quickly switch between Looptimus modes
  • Add 2 more dedicated all-access notes
  • Quickly change MIDI Channels
  • Add 2 more Program Changes to each bank
  • Chang the octave in PAD mode

** Looptimus Controller sold separately.

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