USB MIDI Foot Controller

You’ve Never Done So Much With One Foot

Take Full Control of your MultiTracks and Loops

3 Ways to Use Looptimus

Note Mode

Use Looptimus to send MIDI notes to music software to trigger tracks for playback or practice. Utilize 20 banks each with 6 MIDI notes per bank. All Access bank gives you 6 more notes that can be accessed at any time.

Program Change Mode

Have a guitar or keyboard player who wants their effects pedals changed on the spot? With Looptimus, send Program Changes to effects pedals or keyboards via 5-Pin MIDI while simultaneously triggering your next song.

Pad Mode

Turn Looptimus into a keyboard for your feet. Choose your key, octave, and chord with each button. Play any software instrument with your feet to keep your hands free as you play guitar! A Foot Pedal has never sounded so good.
















Control Your Music Software

Use Looptimus to control any midi-mappable music software such as Ableton Live, MainStage, Logic and more!

Looptimus works seamlessly for playback on mobile devices with Loop Coommunity PRIME.



















Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Controller.

See What Musicians Are Saying About Looptimus.

Looptimus is an awesome product and very versatile. I’m still learning all the tricks and ways you can use it, but I’m very satisfied with the product and only gets better the more I use it.

Timothy Feller


My band has been given a great resource with the Looptimus pedal. It’s a vital tool that helps us every time we play.

James Klein


Looptimus has become a staple of our live performances and practices. It helps add to our band and allows us to play better together. So glad this was created!

Timothy Nelson


I love the Looptimus pedal! It’s super easy to use and great for fattening up our sound with pads/loops, especially for a small band.

Justin Webbers

Guitarist/Lead Singer

Looptimus has allowed me to effortlessly use backing tracks while leading from both guitar and keyboard. Having the ability to map the foot controller the way I like it for each song has proven the test of time. Thank you for creating such a reliable and durable product!

Ross Varrette

Worship Leader

I absolutely love my Looptimus!!! For me, it’s got just the right amount of switches and communication; enough for “creative execution”, but not too much that might suggest “overwhelming”. When I’m on the stage, I 100% of the time need to know where my buttons are, and I need to know where they will lead me upon activation. Looptimus without a doubt has hit that mark. I never leave home without it.

Stuart Quan

Worship Leader, Cornerstone Church, San Fransisco, CA

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