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The Ultimate Foot Controller for Running Tracks in Live Performance Works with Prime, Ableton Live, Mainstage and any other MIDI capable application! Use Looptimus to trigger your music software by using assignable MIDI notes over USB.

MIDI NOTES In Note mode, you are given 20 banks with A – F buttons in each bank. Each button sends out an individual MIDI note that can be assigned in your application (i.e. Ableton or Mainstage). Use Looptimus to change your presets or patches on guitar pedals and other MIDI devices!

PROGRAM CHANGES In Program Change mode, you can assign a specific Program Change number to each button. As well as sending out Program Changes, Looptimus will simultaneously send out MIDI notes. This means you can trigger your tracks as well as changes presets on your delay (or other) pedal!

PAD MODE Use Looptimus to play software instruments like synths or pads with your feet! In Pad mode, use the Next and Previous buttons to select your Key. Then use buttons 1 – 6 to play the corresponding chord for that key! You can go up or down 2 octaves either way and also use an expression pedal to fade in or out your instrument! Pad mode pays 5ths of a chord.

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